Turns your avatar into stickers and emoji

Have fun using stickers with your own animated avatar! Create your own bitmoji character online and send it to all your social media chats. Show your true emotions and even connect it to Snapchat to unlock the friendmoji so you can have a library of stickers featuring you and your friends!

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Made by the same folks that made the super viral comic book creator, Bitstrips. Smart use of the iOS 8 keyboard. I'm waiting for imoji to add custom keyboard support. :) cc @danielbru
@rrhoover We have some pretty awesome things in the works. ;)
"Bitmoji is your own personal emoji! • Create an expressive cartoon avatar • Choose from a growing library of moods, stickers and comic scenes • Put them into any text message, chat or status update"
This is awesome. I can see this get used a lot.
Been using this all day long. This is great!
I simply loove Bitmoji!! I cannot get enough of it :D