Bitlionaire Sweatshirt & Tee

The ultimate apparel to celebrate Bitcoin's historic rise

Bitlionaire Sweatshirt & Tee is soft and light, with just the right amount of stretch. Each one is comfortable and the unisex cut is flattering for both men and women.

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You’d have to be a Winklevii for this to make sense...🤪
Got rich of Bitcoin? 💸 Wear this apparel with pride! Fun product by Song and Nathaniel 👌 Get a 20% discount with code "BRAM", although not sure if you need a discount if you're a Bitlionaire 😜
Hello Product Hunters! 😸 Nate here, co founder of Vilicon Sally - apparel and gifts inspired by Startup and Tech culture. In honour of Bitcoin smashing the $10,000 mark, we are releasing 10,000 limited edition 'BITLIONAIRE' T-shirts 🔥🔥 and jumpers to keep you warm through the winter months❄️❄️. Get yours now and remember this moment in history! 🎁 Product hunters! Use "BRAM" at checkout to get 20% off right now. 💰 For all those making a fortune in BITCOIN, we salute you!
Ironically you can't pay in Bitcoin...
@scotty_bowler not for want of trying! Coinbase has momentarily stopped accepting new vendors, but trust us, we're working on it! Any advice would be useful
@nathaniel_dadzie have you guys tried Stripe? They accept Bitcoin payments
@scotty_bowler no we haven't actually - looking into it now, thanks for the heads up!...although with the way the graphs are going, I don't think anyone wants to let go. $20 in BTC can become $30 real quick ;)
@scotty_bowler @nathaniel_dadzie Stripe is super easy to set up bitcoin payments. Most people may not want to give away bitcoin right now but definitely worth implementing on the off chance that someone does :)
@pav_sethi we have had people enquire about paying with BTC, which is surprising! I'm with you, I thought people wouldn't want to give any away. Working on Stripe integration today. 😎
Am I the only one who is annoyed by this dropshipping hype of sticking some fancy stock photography on a shopify page and just promoting the shit out of it.. have you even purchased one of your t-shirts yourself?
@herbertpoul Hey man :) really take what you are saying on board. You are right, there is a lot of noise out there and people are able to print whatever they like and put it on a t-shirt. But as we all know it's not about having the idea first, it's all about execution. It's taken us far more time and effort to get to this point than you would expect. If people like the idea behind it/the design, they'll buy it - and if not, we haven't spent ours and our parents life savings on 10,000 T-shirts. I made this mistake once in a previous startup and I still have 900 pairs of women's slip-on shoes sitting in my garage (don't ask). Drop shipping in our opinion, is the leanest model for getting an idea to market. Did you know that Ikea use 3D renders in all their catalogues? People still order. How do you think Elon Musk is producing The Boring Hat? The Bitlionaire T-shirt and sweater are no different! 😉