Online journal encrypted with a cipher

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Eddie Wharton
Data Scientist, Dinner Lab
I have been playing with this the last couple of days. The two use cases I have experimented with are: personal journal and password storage.
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Dylan Fox
Thanks for hunting Eddie! I just added a new early access code: producthunt Would love feedback about potential use cases for this. I built it because I wanted to move my journal online, but didn't want my personal thoughts stored in plaintext. There were some sites that offered encryption, but the experience was kind of poor. I wanted to make something more fun. Eddie brings up a good use case though, password storage. I've started using this to store API keys too.
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I got access to BitJournal earlier this week, and I'm using it to store all those random API keys I pick up working on side projects. It's been helpful, and I really like the look of it! I used to use TrueCrypt + Dropbox for storing API credentials, but this is an even better way to make that data secure and available across machines. It always seemed weird asking Dropbox to re-sync an entire encrypted TrueCrypt volume for just one API key update.
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