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Hi Everyone! Founder here. Having spent our entire careers building software and working as developers, CTOs, and everything in between, we've lived the pains associated with delivering fantastic software. We asked ourselves, "What if we could look at all of the data we generate; the code we write, the comments we make, the dependencies we use, etc., to provide real, objective insights into the health of the software we’re creating?" And so bitHound was born. bitHound’s goal is to make it so that any developer can gain valuable insights into their JavaScript code and dependencies. We’re super excited to be officially releasing bitHound today with an exclusive offer to all of our Product Hunt friends! Come sign up and you'll not only get your 3 months for free, but we'll throw in 50% off your Personal Plan for life! Open Source? Well that’s always free! So I invite you to check out bitHound and ask your questions below. The team and I will be around all day! Happy coding!
Wicked to see bithound on here. Stoked about the bitbucket integration!
@thatmattgardner Thanks for the kind words. Very excited to be here!
Huge fan of this product. We're making use of it all over the place at Adobe.
Awesome product with an even more awesome team behind it. Very excited to see this launch!
@d0b0 Hey Samuel, thanks so much for your very kind words, really appreciate all of your support!
Thanks, Brian. We really value the awesome feedback and support we've received from you guys! You rock! See you at JSConf next month :-)