Ticker & Portfolio tracker for crypto currencies

Bitfolio is a crypto currencies ticker & portfolio tracker.

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Bittrex + Poloniex API integration is a must!
Hey Product Hunt, I just released Bitfolio, it's a crypto currencies ticker & portfolio tracker, it's very simple and user friendly so that everyone can use it. It's possible to track current and historic prices for different currencies and exchanges, as well as monitor personal assets. It includes few perks like iCloud Sync, themes, forex and a beautiful iOS 11 design. More features are planned for the future, including widgets, better insights of portfolio and much more. An update with a better precision, Bittrex support and few bug fixes is already awaiting to be reviewed by Apple. I hope someone will find it useful, if you have any question I'll be happy to answer. ✌️

I always buy BTC/ETH with € and then exchange it for other Coins, that's why I would need BTC/ETH as default currency. Also I would like to add a Wallet Address and make it Auto-Import everything




Doesn't work with Bittrex, Can't set BTC as default currency only €/$ etc. , No Auto-Import of Wallet

Wonderful idea! Great way to see the crypto market at a glance
Pretty buggy. can’t add transactions with decimals, duplicate icons, menu to change the time range is wicked small. It looks nice and iOS 11-y but not worth the 2.99 I paid. Get Blockfolio, it’s less pretty but works well and it’s free
@twnsndco hey, the transactions support up to 3 decimal because of a bug, already been fixed and waiting to be approved by Apple. Duplicate icons, if you mean ETH and ETC they are slightly different, otherwise please let me know. Various updates are planned for future releases and I’m sure it will be worth the 2.99, otherwise you are more than welcome to ask a refund to apple :)
@xeo_it regarding duplicate Icons, it’s while swiping to delete. Which for now is the only way to change a transaction
@twnsndco you must be on iOS 11, it’s already fixed but waiting for Apple to accept Xcode 9 builds.
@xeo_it cool I'll hold on!