Coordinate everyday lunches directly in Slack

Bitebot is a bot for Slack that not only helps you coordinate everyday lunches, but also split and track payments between all team members.

You don't need to pay your coworkers back every time you eat together - Bitebot will know when it's your turn to pick up the tab.

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Adam Hodowany
Creator of &
Hi everyone and thanks for hunting @benln! We've created Bitebot as a side project based on a real-life office problem - how to easily eat together, without disturbing the day too much. Ordering food is an important part of every office day - we are taking breaks together and can talk about anything with everybody - including people who are working on different projects, on other floors. Even when we go out for lunch, it is easier for one person to pay for the whole order and just use the system to figure out the payments. Bitebot simplifies two things: 1. Collecting order - just send a Slack command and you're going to get your meal 2. Paying back - Bitebot picks a person that will call the restaurant and pay for everybody - next couple of times she'll eat "for free" (everyone’s balance evens-out after a while) We’re still in beta and there are some rough edges, but it’s completely usable right now. We’d love to know what you think - could it be useful in your company? If not - is there something we could add to make it useful?
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PetraHead of Marketing & PR, VisoCon GmbH
Just the right thing for our office - "hungry Slackers"!
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Zach Segal
Work @Coinbase &
I remember having to do all this manually a few years ago when my startup used Hipchat - big hassle. We would have loved using this instead. The ecosystem that's developing on top of Slack really is magical...or in this case, delicious
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Kristijan ArsovDigital Marketing Samurai
OMG! Just what we need for our office! We tackled this "problem" till now by having a dedicated channel on Slack called #team-hungry lol :D
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Sam Goudie
Homamo - Product strategy & design
Nice idea! Glad to see this built into Slack too.
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