Little Drops of Bitcoin Make a Mighty Investment

Bitdroplet is a simple tool to invest in bitcoin, systematically. Bitdroplet empowers you to invest as little as $1 a day into bitcoin. A systematic investment into bitcoin has given consistently over 25% returns. Sign up & get $1 worth of bitcoin free
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Hi. I am from India and I want to invest in crypto. Can you explain in more detail how I can invest into this? My currency is INR, so can I invest with INR?
@chinmay_sati yes you can invest with INR...
Hello, @chinmay_sati If you want to invest in cryptocurrency then first you have to some basics of crypto market like what is the present value of the coin you want to invest, for how long you have to wait for the profit, wivh is the best and secure cryptoo coin in market. For me, Bitbns is the best platform to invest so I also have invested some amount of money here
πŸ”₯ Good way for automated DCA in bitcoin
Hi everyone For those of you asking where to invest and what to do with money, now you know. πŸ˜„πŸ₯ž We recently launched Bitdroplet, a platform to invest in new asset class smartly. Its Bitcoin, our platform allows you to invest in Bitcoin using SIP model ( which is best in class strategy to invest in volatile assets) Features: Allow you to automate your SIP in Bitcoin Track the performance of your investment Alert on Low Balance, so that you never miss an Goal Redeem any time, without any penalty Bitcoin has been the best performing asset class out there and with a SIP format has consistently delivered over 20% returns. Would love to hear feedback from the community and inviting tech, investing blogs who can add this as a widget on their website.
@gauravdahake My Bitcoin growth is 10% on bitdroplet within one day
Neat ui.. Looks worth trying πŸ‘Œ
Breaking my LIC to create more goals on Bitdroplet.