Find the best interest rates for your crypto assets

Bitcompare is a comparison site that helps you find the best interest rates and terms for your crypto assets. Earn up to 12% interest on Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD & more. Before you Bitcoin, Bitcompare.
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Dean Fankhauser
Founder TokenTalk
👋 Hi hunters! After realising how powerful crypto savings accounts can be, I started recommending them to some friends. When they asked who they should sign up to, I struggled to make recommendations. This is when I googled for some sort of comparison site for these types of products. What I found was that there weren't any. At-least not good ones that are made for everyday people with a little bit of crypto. 🙃 👀 What I decided to compile a list of the most reputable savings accounts with the best interest rates. With new providers launching every week, the list grew and outstripped my spreadsheet. 
Friends kept requesting the spreadsheet, so I decided to turn it into a website. If it proves popular, I may review other areas like crypto debit cards, loans and more. I think the idea of a comparison site for this industry could make a lot of sense…. 💸 Business model 
I’m negotiating with the providers to give Bitcompare special rates or sign up bonuses. This way, Bitcompare users get extra value and the site can earn a bit of money through affiliation. This is no different to existing comparison sites, so we’ll see how it goes 🤞. 💯 Where does the data come from? 
I’ve literally compiled the whole thing from scratch myself. It requires daily check ups and I’m looking to create a more scalable way to do it in the future. It works fine for now and the site has all the major providers with the latest rates. 🏗 How’s it made?
 The frontend is built on Next.js - using server side rendering for SEO purpose. Backend is using a combination of nodejs api, mongodb and netlify cms, hosted on AWS utilising a serverless architecture. ui layer is built with ant design for react. The animations were done in After Affects and integrated using Airbnb's Lottie. 📈 How we plan to grow it?
 Mostly through SEO. We have optimised it a lot around speed and on-page SEO factors. We’re also planning to write a lot of reviews and comparisons which should help with our SEO efforts. If the numbers make sense, we may also look into SEM. How you can help? - 👋 Share your feedback and questions here. - 🤝 Any connections to those in the industry that would like to team up and work closer together - 🔥 If you like it and find it useful, feel free to share and tell others There’s a lot of updates coming, so keep an eye on it. Thanks for taking the time to read this 🙏
Dean Fankhauser
Founder TokenTalk
If you hold crypto, are you interested in a crypto savings account?
Put it all in interest accounts
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