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Thought this was a really interesting way to highlight the fact that there's an open directory of Bitcoin users directly embedded in the blockchain. Our site, onename.io, uses this same directory and our users get added to it soon after they sign up.
Nice work @ryaneshea. What are some of the use cases you are seeing for this search engine?
@TO Looking up someone's bitcoin address is the most straight forward one. If I want to send money to @naveen and I don't know his username on OneName. I can search for his name. Ah, Naveen is a bad example because he is "naveen" everywhere lol. How about Chris Dixon. Let's say I know his twitter handle, "cdixon" and I can search for it and get his bitcoin address in two clicks.
@muneeb cool. is it possible to see transaction history?
@TO yes, ha! you can see someone's address on their profile (mine is 14eautXfJT7EZsKfm1eHSAPnHkn3w1XF9R, for example) and then go to https://blockchain.info/address/... to see it's transaction history :O
@TO It's possible, but we haven't added the feature yet on OneName. You can manually copy/paste someone's bitcoin address and look it up on blockchain.info for now. Will you find that feature useful?
Have you been working on other ways in which to leverage the blockchain's potential as an open/secure directory?
@gentlemanbasil We released some tools that extend the traditional Domain Name System (DNS) with a blockchain based lookup. That's a very exciting area that we're yet to fully explore. The blockchain can replace a lot of core Internet services like DNS, PKI (public key infrastructure) etc and is not just for sending/receiving bitcoins.
@muneeb Excited to see more
I'm confused about how this works -- isn't the best practice to use unique bitcoin addresses only once?
@gregcohn That practice is an over optimization, in my opinion. Technically, it only helps you against Quantum Computers. If Quantum happens then there are bigger things to worry about e.g., RSA breaks down :-) .. In anycase it's possible to attach multiple addresses or even stealth addresses with your OneName profile (the protocol puts no restriction about unique Bitcoin addresses) and gives you a more readable/memorable name for your address(es).