Zero fee marketplace to buy & sell stock photos with Bitcoin

A zero fee marketplace to buy and sell stock photos and illustrations powered by the Bitcoin Lightning Network
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Hello everyone, We've just launched Bitcoin4Photos, a zero fee marketplace to buy and sell stock photos powered by the Bitcoin Lightning Network and Blockstack. Please let us know if you have any feedback.
What’s your business model?
@visualpharm Our idea is to fund development through Blockstack app mining, we don't have any plan to monetize the website, it will remain open source and free.
We have . Realistically, how much can we get if we upload them to you?
@visualpharm You are free to upload and choose how much you will be charging per download.
What about copyright? How can you guarantee that photo is not stolen and the seller have full rights on it? I dont understand what is the difference where photo is saved on disk or blockchain
@george_stoneman Each user owns and hosts their own images by using Blockstack. If there is any request to remove, we can remove it from our front-end, but user will still have access to their images on his own private data storage.

I love this idea! Sure, they'll be issues with people uploading work they don't legally have the right to use, but I'm not sure how you could go about correcting that. Although, this issue could blossom into a very serious pain-point for many artists, so we will have to see how the overall market pans out. I love this idea due to it's interesting concept, but who knows what the future will bring lol :^)


Neat idea and very simple to get setup and list photos [ if you have a Blockstack account ]


will have to see how many customers are willing to buy on here