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Live charts + everything you need to know about crypto coins

Bitcoin Price is an indie, unbiased resource of live data and detailed guides especially aimed at new comers, which are the most vulnerable to scams and fake news.

Just started last month, already published over 20k words of super in-depth guides, mended three APIs to make sure we get the right price, and working

No ads, no fluff.

Critique pls!

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Joshua Pinter
Joshua Pinter@joshuapinter · Product at CNTRAL. Maker of ntwrk.
Just noticed a small bug. You've got the max and min values flipped on the All Time chart:
Catalin Zorzini
Catalin ZorziniMaker@zorzini · human
@joshuapinter thanks for the headsup Joshua, on it!
Catalin Zorzini
Catalin ZorziniMaker@zorzini · human
Sergiu Poenaru
Sergiu Poenaru@scorpiono
Great UI on mobile
Catalin Zorzini
Catalin ZorziniMaker@zorzini · human
@scorpiono thanks Sergiu!
Catalin Zorzini
Catalin ZorziniMaker@zorzini · human
Who are we 🐻 We are a small group of crypto enthusiasts, developers, illustrators, designers, and bloggers who decided to join forces and create an independent, unbiased resource to help new comers to the space learn about the pros and cons of cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and the crypto community at large. Why is the site named Bitcoin Price 🚀 After a few weeks of research, both online and talking to strangers and friends of friends in real life, we’ve realised that one of the main points of entry to the cryptocurrency world for the vast majority of people is googling for “bitcoin price” after they find out about the booming currency from the media. So instead of using a fancy web 2.0 name we decided to choose a keyword that most new comers are actively searching for and hoping that by creating high quality content around it we will become visible enough in search engines and we will be one of the first points of contact for new crypto enthusiasts. And by landing on this site instead of the various exchanges who advertise for this keyword, they have the chance to educate themselves a little instead of going straight in, which can save them a lot of time, money, and potentially save them from being scammed. “All-time-highs attract new people who buy and then get spooked by price dips. Help them to first invest in education about the technology, instead of speculation.” ~ Andreas Antonopoulus What you can expect from us ✨ We are working on some detailed guides, tutorials, videos and interactive infographics to help people understand the internet of money and the new technologies, philosophies and challenges we need to be aware of sooner rather than later.
MVS ©@michelle_mvs · Owner & Founder/ Music Vision Sound
Great sight 👍 will you be adding a sign up for update?
Catalin Zorzini
Catalin ZorziniMaker@zorzini · human
Leon Lim
Leon Lim@leon_lim
Seems like the email isn’t working