Bitcoin High Score

Get the highest BTC score ever!

Compete to see who gets the highest BTC score and all the crypto glory. The more BTC you pay, the higher your name sits on the leaderboard

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Hey all, decided to try out PayBear (which was hunted a day or two ago) and their API and get a fun little leaderboard of BTC payments going with it. Check it out and enjoy!
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Pretty neat, gotta test it out :)
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@icodrip thanks! and you're currently in FIRST place πŸ₯‡
@icodrip Great to see you on there! If you know anyone else in crypto, please share :)
Nice idea to receive some profit! Good Luck.
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@sromana14 thanks sromana!
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Clever, good luck πŸ˜‰
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@justinbrooke thanks justin!
Haha, this is hilarious! I definitely expect you to receive profit from determined gamblers that love to be in first place out there. Good luck πŸ€‘
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