This mini email course is a fun and easygoing way to take your first steps into the crypto world. We'll explain what Bitcoin is, how it works, why it's important, and we'll use words you understand. We'll also show its significance for investors and how you can get started, step-by-step. There'll be lots of fun and goodies along the way. Enjoy!

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This is a handholding exercise that will help us beginners who do not have much knowledge of this particular tech.


Easy to understand without tech jargons.


Want to know if this can be used as a tender for bona fide shopping and investment, but not very comfortable with the concept.

Thank you for the review, looking forward to answering your questions in the course :)
If you are a newcomer struggling to understand the world of Cryptocurrencies, take a moment a day to check this course. I've been reading things from Nik for a while now, and I believe this will be a great little course. Looking forward to the next chapters!
@danroc Thank you, don't hold back with feedback, we're always looking to improve what's not working!