Bitcoin AR

Bitcoin in your living room

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With Augmented Reality, Bitcoin AR lets you view cryptocoins from the comfort of your couch.

Watch market caps and values updating live in your living room with Bitcoin AR!



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Sven van der Zee@svenvdz · Founder AcceptCrypto
Haha creative!
Bryan EdelmanMaker@beedelma
@svenvd_zee Thanks, Sven! I appreciate the upvote.
Rudy Lee@rlvl · Creator of Kydy, Co-Founder of VREX LAB
Very interesting!
Bryan EdelmanMaker@beedelma
@kydyzyx Thanks kydy. I had fun making it.
Brenden Smith@brenden_smith · I write code.
This is a pretty sweet little app. A fun way to look at market information!
Bryan EdelmanMaker@beedelma
Thanks for checking out Bitcoin AR. I made this as a passion project because my normal work involves AR and I'm a big believer in cryptocurrency. I wanted to see these two hop in bed together, and here we are. Take a look and have a great day.
Bryan EdelmanMaker@beedelma
Thanks to everyone for the support!