BitBucks Wallet

Simple and instant Bitcoin payments to phone numbers

We at BitBucks want to give everyone the chance to pay with Bitcoin on their smartphones. Simply pay with Bitcoin to the phone number of a friend and it only takes a few seconds! That's how a payment tool for the world's best known cryptocurrency has to work.
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Pretty interesting. It's like venmo for bitcoin
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Super interesting.
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The Android version of BitBucks Wallet is on its way to Playstore. This is one of the most frequent questions.
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How fast is the coin transfer?
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@microkritik All transactions within the app are offchain and in bitcoin. That's why we can guarantee that payments within the BitBucks wallet are processed instantly.
We want to democratize payments. Bitcoin is the alternative monetary system of the internet. With BitBucks we fix the issue of long transaction times, so Bitcoin can finally be used for instant payments. We are bringing BitBucks as a payment tool into the life of everybody.
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