A cryptocurrency spam solution

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Thank you @datarade for hunting us! Hey Product Hunt, I’m Stewart, one of the people behind Credo. Credos allow you to put a value on your time and solve a huge problem. Interest in Credo has been surging lately, especially after legendary VC Tim Draper bought 10% of our tokens. Beyond that, we now have over 15,000 active users for our related service and are growing rapidly. After all the progress we’ve made, this is a perfect moment to get the feedback of the awesome Product Hunt community! We’ve built up an enthusiastic and fast-growing tribe who give feedback on and support our efforts to spur adoption of Credo. I’d love to have you come onboard. Join us and become a part of our movement to finally rid the world of the plague of spam!
been using it on my primary email for quite some time now, i like how all the spammers are automatically ending up in the unpaid section, the most promising aspect in this product is the part where sales guys need to reach out to CxOs.
@vivek_ramesh Thanks for the feedback Vivek! We'll be building out the CxO part with a larger roster soon.
@vivek_ramesh Are there any particular CxOs or companies that you'd be most interested in reaching?
Hey. Interesting project! is it open source? If so do you have a link to the project on github?
Hey @lukemhamilton, our smart contract is open source. You can view the code in this GitHub repo:
@lukemhamilton What are you planning on building?
@datarade Hey! Don't have anything in mind right now. I'm doing an ICO for fun to learn how to write an ERC20 token and a crowdsale contract. But besides that just learning.

It's just a dump way to move my promotion emails in my gmail tab to a new folder called unpaid... useless


Decent UI


Doesn't work