Charge unsolicited email senders a cryptocurrency fee

Cryptocurrency spam solution. BitBounce reduces your email spam by charging unsolicited email senders a cryptocurrency fee to send you their emails.

When senders pay your cryptocurrency fee,� their emails are moved to your inbox.

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This is a great idea. However, there is absolutely zero chance I'm going to use it. There's no way I'm letting your application do the following: "read, send delete and manage your email", "view your email messages and settings", "view and modify, but not delete your email", "manage drafts and send emails", "manage your contacts", "manage your calendars".
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@dave_cooper Noted. The permissions we request are still from my company's SaaS suite, which has a calendar, etc. I've been meaning to switch this to requesting the minimum permissions necessary to operate BitBounce. Given your concerns, I'll implement that ASAP.
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@macgregordennis Awesome, sorry if I sounded a bit harsh, but it's definitely a really alarming set of permissions that the application is requesting. As soon as that is addressed, I'll definitely give the application a go :)
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@dave_cooper I agree. Love the idea, but hesitate for the same reason. Also, more information on the landing would be good. For example how do you identify "unsolicited" email?
@dave_cooper All good. I understand and will get the requested permissions/scopes updated very soon for you and others who share that concern!
@till_koch1 Great to hear you love the idea! As per my response to @dave_cooper, I definitely understand and sympathize with concerns that the requested permissions are broader than needed right now and we'll address that. Thanks for the feedback on the landing page. We'll elaborate on how we identify emails from unknown senders (i.e. unsolicited emails) using the whitelist.
Thank you @erictwillis for hunting us! Hey Product Hunt, I’m Stewart, Co-Founder, CEO, and lead engineer for BitBounce. Together with legendary VC @TimDraper and @alexisroizen, we’re excited to launch BitBounce - for the first time anywhere - on Product Hunt. BitBounce is a novel Bitcoin/cryptocurrency solution for spam and email access, originally conceived by Tim Draper, designed by Alexis, and built by myself. The core idea is to 1) solve spam by charging unknown senders a fee, and 2) solve email access by incentivizing recipients with a payment held in escrow until they respond. We have thousands of active users already and that number is growing fast every day. If you want a broader overview of the service, please watch the video interview between Tim and myself in which we discuss BitBounce in some detail:
If you want to dive deep into the TL;DR version, check out the white paper we put together for the new token we’re selling - called Credo - which functions as a unit of exchange in email communication ( The idea of solving spam with payments has been around for a while, but I believe that we have an innovative approach that finally gets it right. The potential here is tremendous, and we’d love to refine and innovate on what we’ve done so far with the continued support of the Product Hunt community. If you find the service intriguing, please upvote us. If it’s thought-provoking, please comment below with your thoughts. If the product solves your problem, sign up straight away - for free - to get started. Finally, if you’re a true believer then please participate in the credos pre-ICO that is taking place right now and only occuring for 4 more days (buy now using Mist: or using MyEtherWallet:! Product Hunt is a special community, which is why we’ve chosen to launch this service here. You are the early adopters of the future. I believe BitBounce embodies the solution to the substantial and unsolved problems of email. I hope you’ll join us in adopting it, bringing our new token and solution to the eager masses, and ushering in one new part of the future.
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@macgregordennis Thank you so much for this!
@macgregordennis @erictwillis @timdraper @alexisroizen @stewart_dennis This is a really intriguing idea. I especially love it as a way to make money relatively easily and shift how people feel about unsolicited emails. Would be interested to see how much raw bitcoin money could be made from everyday nonsolicited emails using this application. H/t @rrhoover
@eli_weiss @erictwillis @timdraper @alexisroizen @stewart_dennis There are some commonalities, but a lot of significant and subtle differences. For example, our solution also addresses the spam problem and we integrate seamlessly with existing email accounts. The white paper further elaborates on the unique characteristics of our solution:
@arisalexis @eli_weiss @erictwillis @timdraper @alexisroizen @stewart_dennis Neither. I've never heard of that service. Tim Draper emailed me about the concept for BitBounce quite a while ago and then I started implementing it around the start of this year.
What advantage does your service provide over
@_sklahr_ @chrismessina The main advantages we provide over are 1) our service solves the spam problem, and 2) seamless integration with existing emails accounts. really only tackles the email access problem, and it does so via a new email address. I think that most people want to continue using their existing email address(es), and so our approach makes more sense. There are quite a number of other significant and subtle differences as well, but those two are major ones.
I actually signed up and then stopped the process at the Coinbase auth. So if I'm reading this right, you are going to pull $1 USD from my account every day? Is that correct?
@sethlouey @macgregordennis Can you add context to this?
@thinker @macgregordennis there is a daily deposit authentication within Coinbase. Not sure where the money is going. I get the BTC auth deposits into your account, but why is my account sending USD?
@sethlouey @macgregordennis Would also like answers for this.
@sethlouey Sorry for the misunderstanding here. We don't take $1 per day. The $1 USD you're seeing is actually the maximum amount you're permitting us to send from your account each day rather than what we're taking. The thought behind asking for that permission is to allow you to pay for certain emails programmatically in the background. We have been experimenting with a $1 USD per month service fee for Coinbase connected accounts, but we're still assessing whether that adds too much friction. Also, connecting your Coinbase account is not necessary in order to use the service. If you don't, we'll create a wallet/account for you in the background. Some people would prefer to use their existing Coinbase wallet though.
@sethlouey @thinker The BTC deposit permission is for a feature that's in the settings which allows you to keep your wallet topped up at a certain level (e.g. $10). The BTC sending permission is for allowing you to pay for incentivized/guaranteed response emails programmatically in the background. Otherwise, you'd have to pay via a checkout page or the buy widget every time which is a lot of friction. I'm seeing that how we're handling permissions is one of the major design areas we'll need to work on next. I'm thinking that we might have a lower initial permission request and then request more when users opt-in to certain features.
"Thank you for trusting us."
@jadojodo Our designer thought that would help :)!