Bitcoin-based P2P lending

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@jwmares There are 3 key reasons to do P2P lending based on bitcoin. 1) You can create an international marketplace with cross-border borrowing and lending. This is not feasible with fiat currencies like dollars or euros because transaction costs are too high and transfers take too long. 2) When using bitcoin, users don't need a bank account. All you need is a computer or smart-phone with an internet connection. This is especially relevant in emerging markets where only 20-30% of the population have a bank account. 3) bitcoin is an open-source infrastructure which runs at very low costs (basically just the server where the client is hosted). This makes it much more cost effective to run a P2P lending platform. All fiat currency based platforms typically cooperate with banks which conduct all payment transactions. The bank takes out a significant part of the margin of the P2P lending platform. We don't have these costs and therefore offer lower fees. Yes, we do a risk analysis. Every borrower gets reviewed manually and only trustworthy borrowers with a verified account can publish loan listings. Our credit assessment is something we constantly work on.
Interesting concept. The listing section is a bit hard to understand. I don't know where to look. P2P is a fascinating space with Bitcoin/cryptocurrency. Just imagine the good that can come from this ... Kiva on steroids anyone?
What's the advantage of using btc for P2P lending over just using dollars? Also, do you do any kind of risk analysis a la LendingClub?