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Bit is an all-in-one document collaboration platform that helps teams and individuals create interactive workplace documents, manage digital content, & track document engagement.

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Hi everyone! 👋 First off, big thanks to @Kevinwilliamsdavid for hunting us! 🚀 We started our journey with a mission🚀to fix the content chaos we all live in. As the digital world around us grows, so does our digital content in type and scale. We all are being forced to bounce around different applications to communicate updates, share reports, brainstorm ideas and move business forward with this disjointed mess around us. Every day we are taking notes, sharing meeting notes, creating process documentation, training guides, preparing client material, creating reports, etc.📄The current document collaboration tools in the market, unfortunately miss the mark and either cause us to communicate the same we did 30 years ago, or solve partial problems of our written communication needs in the workplace by focusing on only internal communication or note-taking. is a new kind of smart document designed for the modern workplace. Bit allows you and your team to collaborate on interactive documents, manage your digital content, and track your document engagement levels all from one platform. We want to help teams streamline their communication both internally across teams and geographic locations as well as with clients and external partners. We are looking forward to having you and your brilliant teams join us on our journey to communicate more effectively today and in the future. Make sure to create your FREE account today and play around 🎉 We would love to hear what the ProductHunt community thinks about and what kinds of features you'd like to see in the future! We'll be here all day to answer any questions you might have, so ask away! Ad Astra💫, Your Bit Team 🙌Added Bonus: As a thank you for checking us out we're offering a 30% lifetime discount on all paid plans (for all teams up to 50 users) - PHUNT30
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Solid founders with good focus. Product has developed a lot, and it’s good ad what it ia.


Slick Interface, lots of awesome features, robust templates.



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My team and I have a technology startup (AirVendor) in Australia and have used bit docs since beta to collaborate on projects within the team, with our developers (especially tracking testing feedback during app and web app creation), and external PR/marketeting partners. I also use it for personal lists/projects between me my husband. It’s an excellent tool to track project progress and embed rich media we would have otherwise had to create a separate link to. When juggling so many partners it’s great to have a collaboratIve workspace we can all access simultaneously and see instant updates/progress. I especially appreciate being notified when a customer has accessed a document I’ve sent through and being able to track where they’re up to. Great product that’s saved us a lot of time and back and forth.
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@hilary_rose thanks for your kind words 🙌. We have loved receiving your's and your teams feedback over the months as we developed Bit. Excited to have you guys on this journey with us. There is a lot more to come!

You can create rich documents and the variety of options make it really flexible.


Simple, easy to use


None for my use case

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Thanks Jose for your feedback! It's amazing to hear all the ways our users are using - it's a really versatile platform. We have a lot more awesome integrations in our dev pipeline😀
I've been a Bit.AI user for some time now and its a game changer. The ability to embed other media types makes it easier to share content. Templates or the content library gives us ideas on how to structure a document. I love the ability to track views and engagement on a document, this motivates us to put out better content. It keeps getting better!
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Thanks for your feedback @xmanav glad to have you and your team as a part of the Bit family!