Turn highlighted text into an image with a single click.

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BishBashBosh turns highlighted text into a screenshot in a single click. Meaning you can share your favorite quotes to Twitter (or anywhere) in seconds without concern for character limits.

Now, that's neat.

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MikeMaker@humanismusic · Creator, Lanes
Hey, PH. This extension is born out of frustration with not being able to easily turn text I'm reading into a (nicely formatted) screenshot in Chrome. Now all you have to do is highlight whatever text you want to share, press the icon and—bishbashbosh—you've a beautiful screenshot to share with the world.
Dan Preiss
Dan Preiss@dan_preiss · product @ bcg digital ventures
I like this idea a lot but it would be great if it copied a URL to my clipboard (similar to Droplr) so that it would auto-generate a screenshot with the link to the article. Primary use case: Slack and Messages (Mac).
MikeMaker@humanismusic · Creator, Lanes
@dan_preiss Hey, Dan. Yeah why not? The next update will include the URL with a click-to-copy button.
Alina Stanislavska
Alina Stanislavska@alina_karnaukh · Communications Manager, The Welkin Suite
Looks like something I will be trying out today =)
Jay@topdownjimmy · Web Developer & Designer
I absolutely need this but am disappointed that it's Chrome-only rather than a bookmarklet.
Shlomo Klahr
Shlomo Klahr@_sklahr_
@topdownjimmy Adding to this, I'd love an IOS app