A browser where your favorite apps won't get buried in tabs

Biscuit is a free browser where your favorite apps won't get buried in tabs.
- Clearly separate your work and your personal stuff
- Individual sessions for each app
- Related tabs will be organized automatically
- You can set notifications freely for each app
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9 Reviews5.0/5
I like the concept, reminds me of @stationhq.
I like it, especially the sidebar not simply being icons (like most competitors). Shame it can't add WhatsApp though, it thinks the version of Chrome is out of date.
@ryan_roberts1 Thank you for your feedback. Biscuit is using latest version chrome 76. We are going to support What's up web on Biscuit. πŸ’ͺ🏻
@ryan_roberts1 Supported WhatsApp now in new version. Please relaunch the app.
@agata Thanks for the quick update πŸ‘ I've noticed another problem. When a Gmail notification comes through, if I click the macOS notification it opens a popup window in Biscuit and a new tab in the Gmail browser but neither of them open the new message.
@ryan_roberts1 Thanks I will check and fix it.
I dislike the fact that the underlying engine is Chromium. You should better go with firefox. However great piece of software.
@alexwulf8 Do you know of any consumer ready Electron alternatives that don't use Chromium? I've not been able to fine anything.
Is this open source by any chance? Just curious
@spekulatius1984 I am considering about it.
Yeah, that would be great - more trust and potentially some help @agata

Is it also soon available as portable version? Or do I have the possibility to use it at an USB drive?


It pleases me. A logical structure and a quick processing.


Nothing till now

@prometheus_parlowski do not ask me why I do not know, but all applications made in electron are not made to use portable, nor do you want to have the option to change installation directory they simply self-install in disk C: