BirthdayBot for Slack

Don't miss your teammates' birthdays!

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Hey Hunters, We are very excited to present you a Slack bot that helps you keep track of your colleagues birthdays! πŸ™Œ Jack, thanks for hunting for us today! Here's what BirthdayBot can do for you: BDay Reminders ⏰ BirthdayBot can send you private hints about upcoming birthdays in your team. Celebrations πŸŽ‚ BirthdayBot also sends his happy birthday wishes in a Slack channel of your choice. We've added more than a hundred of birthday wishes. Helpful Commands πŸ™ There's also a few commands that will help you find out who's next on the birthday calendar, or when someone has a birthday. You can also get it from Slack app directory: Thanks for trying out BirthdayBot! We are very much looking forward to your feedback. Happy Friday everyone, Gleb
@pitsevich Congrats on the PH launch! We've been using BirthdayBot for a while and it works pretty great for us. Nice job, guys!
Glad to see the BirthdayBot making to the PH. Well, I'm using this bot in a team for a while now, and for the people like me with a very limited memory and attention to the dates - Birthday Bot is a lifesaver! While using Slack almost for everything that I could, having BB is a nice addition to my collection of the useful integrations. No more large excel documents with the names and dates for the team or overloaded calendars - everything perfectly stored in one place and reminders are always on time. P.S Guys, special thanks for some of the birthday wishes and gifs - they are pure gold! Keep up the good work!
Hey, Birthday bot looks cool! I have bad times with birthdays in and out of team, can I add people outside of slack?
@aleksanshrestha Thanks! Well, at the moment our bot can help only with dates of people *inside* the team. But this is already on the roadmap - we plan to allow people to use BirthdayBot as a place where they can fill birthdays of their friends or anyone out of Slack team.
@pitsevich great to hear! Looking forward your update!
@pitsevich this is great! what's the longer term vision?
@0x11ff Thanks! Realistically, in a longer term I believe that Slack should (and probably will) add it's own form of birthday reminders. Given the control they have over their platform, they can do it in a more elegant way than any bot - imagine a Skype-style reminder messages appearing in a Direct Chat: But, until that happens, our aim is to make sure BirthdayBot takes care of this problem! We try to build a fun, nonintrusive tool that would be equally helpful for both very small and very big teams. And we see the potential for it to become a popular bot, that would add benefit to lot's of people. Slack is here to stay, and getting a popular bot and lot's of hands-on experience is totally worth the risks.
Congrats guys, I have been using your bot for a while and I, and our team love it. Simple to use and works seamlessly. Do you guys have any more bots in development?
@chris_eade thank you! not at the moment, although we surely plan to build more!