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Sercan Lir
Sercan LirMaker@sercanlir · Birthday Box, Co-founder
Hello Everybody, I'm the co-founder of Birthday Box. My partner in crime is Georg Weber. Wanted to take the opportunity to thank the wonderful team behind Birthday Box. Also big thanks to @Riaface and @BenTossell. Birthday Box, a new mobile app, connects people to celebrate birthdays. It enables people to create video messages from anywhere in the world during a convenient time. The videos are assembled into a personal and fun Birthday Box Movie; sent on the recipient's local birthday time (12:01). Be the first to celebrate birthdays! Shoot your questions below; would love to answer them. Sercan Lir
Matt Lugo
Matt Lugo@wwmld · Customer Experience/Operations
@sercanlir neat idea!
Sercan Lir
Sercan LirMaker@sercanlir · Birthday Box, Co-founder
@wwmld Thank you Matt :) Your feedback is much appreciated.
Selcuk Kiziltug
Selcuk Kiziltug@selcuk_kiziltug · Co-founder @Influanza
Congrats on the launch! Do you plan to include gifts?
Sercan Lir
Sercan LirMaker@sercanlir · Birthday Box, Co-founder
@selcukkiziltug We plan to introduce crowd-sourced gifts later this year. It will attempt to find best birthday gifts for you and your friends
Chris Frascella
Chris Frascella@cfrascl · Content Director, Velaro
I love this idea, which is why I'm frustrated about your homepage. Why isn't the 38-second mark of your video near the top of your homepage? It seems to me that what you are offering is a fantastic "moment" but I don't get to experience that moment when visiting your website. If you can't provide video, a still image of the video message collage (like you have in the thumbnail here), with a swipe to the still image of the recipient of the message (40s mark in video) would be more compelling and illustrative than the stock image-like graphics you have now. More unsolicited feedback (it's because I care!): also your celebrity birthday idea is fantastic. Do it for companies/brands people love as well, especially if they're popular local businesses (like restaurants, bakeries, music venues, etc.)
Sercan Lir
Sercan LirMaker@sercanlir · Birthday Box, Co-founder
@cfrascl Hello Chris. Thank you for your feedback. Would love to talk to you more and hear your thoughts.