Replace Chrome's new tab page with the latest tweet

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I can finally have that M next to my head! πŸ€— Birdy is a simple Chrome Extension I made for viewing tweets one at a time through the new tab page. I find it a nice change of pace from the constant firehose that is my Twitter Feed. Now throughout the day, I can stay updated with what's happening on Twitter. Although I must warn you there are a few bugs I've still not managed to squash, but they are fairly infrequent. If you catch lingering bugs please feel free to send a screenshot to me on Twitter @gabriel__lewis . πŸ›
Looks great so far! That was some crafty magic being able to auto-login if I'm already signed into Twitter - not having to login was a great experience. Congrats!
Congrats @gabriel_lewis! How did you come up with the idea? Did you start with wanting to build a new tab extension?
@tylerswartz @gabriel_lewis I came up with the idea from the TwitterTicker for iOS :)
Nice. And congratulation for getting that M ;)