Live video with two way chat

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This is cool! -gonna give it a swing! hey Jonas!
@benrbn Hey Ben! :) awesome - would love to hear your thoughts!
@jonasvig how will this compete with the likes of Periscope and Meerkat?
@bentossell thanks for a very valid question :-) First, I think both @periscopeco and @appmeerkat are awesome apps and they've been doing amazing things for the live video space (plus @benrbn is a great guy :-) ). We think competition is good and that it will push everyone to create better products -> better for the end users. We're looking to take Birdplane in a slightly different direction than Meerkat and Periscope. We're starting by adding multidirection text chat, ability to keep chatting post live broadcast, storing of videos for as long as you want and local saving of your live stream in HD. We want to create something that makes sharing experiences more fun and sparks conversations. Outlined our thinking a bit more at - At the end of the day, people using (or not using) the app will decide if our vision is any good :-) Would be honoured if you gave it a spin and love to get any feedback - @jonasvig /
@jonasvig totally! All for competition to push each other to make better products!! I quite like the idea of being able to chat after the stream... If a conference talk was streamed, people could discuss after - same with music shows etc so I like that side of it! I wonder how many people will see it this way and use it in that case.
@bentossell yeah, those are all very good and on spot use cases (and some of the things we've learnt from being in the space for a while) and we want to extend the life of a live broadcast to be more than just an isolated thing. We're really keen to see how people will use the app and will iterate based on feedback and usage
looks cool, i dig it!
@rickats Thanks for the kind words! Don't be a stranger if you've got feedback :-) feel free to drop an email to
I'll give it a try! But typing while streaming is kind of wired cause every touch on the keyboard shakes the camera a bit.. Or is it just me?
@kaiburghardt thanks - really appreciate the feedback! We leave it up to the user to decide if he/she wants to talk or text to communicate with the viewers. As we'd like to make Birdplane more of a conversational app, we'd like to extend the communication beyond the tradition way of doing it in live video broadcasting. Hope that make sense :-)
Really clean design. Like it! Looks ideal for personal streams & small groups of viewers without the noise.
@naveenaly thanks for the feedback! And yes, that's exactly what we're hoping for. Don't hesitate to drop us a line with any additional thoughts you may have πŸ˜ƒ or