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#4 Product of the DayFebruary 15, 2016
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Hey there, Thanks for hunting Justin! Quang, founder and CEO of Birdly here. Let Birdly scour the web for you to get information on anyone just by giving their email. We originally built this bot for us. Then we had some teams of our main product ( that liked it. So we’re now offering this bot to everyone. It’s free, built with love and useful (hopefully) 😃 I use it maybe 5-10 times a day. My two main use cases are : - When a new team is onboarded in Birdly, I’m curious about what is the company doing - Before a meeting, I like to have a quick refresher on the person I’m meeting For those who already have the Birdly bot, you can already use it. It’s one and single bot (type help to see other things the bot can do for you). Cheers!
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@qhoang09 It's amazing what you can do with bots these days --- slack is just ridiculous in it's potential.
@qhoang09 Hey Quang! Great to see another good use case implemented in Birdly! We are developing Do you mind to discuss bots, some growth hacks via Skype call?
Probably one of my favourite teams lately. Birdly shifting from a SaaS product to a Slack integration was brilliant, if daring, and it feels like every week there's something new to add to that functionality. This Insights feature popping up was timely, and we're using it pretty much constantly as we prep our beta for public release. As an aside, congrats on the ops momentum you and the team have. Of all the NUMA alumni, I think I'm most impressed with the transparency and speed at which you all work. Inspiring for all of us at Corilla. Thank you!
looks great and useful but what would the advantages be for those who are already using something like clearbit connect or rapportive chrome extensions?.... that being said I am following your teams progress very closely :)
@getbirdly is by far one of the most impressive service on Slack at the moment. They are really pushing the enveloppe on native Slack apps!
awesome! is there any limitation on a # of requests per day?
@ekaterinaklink For now, no :) Enjoy! We'll take precautions if there are abuses, but you can enjoy for now ;)