Birdhouse for Autism

Easily coordinate your child's care & discover insights

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Shout out to @benchutz. Creating meaningful products since the age of 4.
I met @benchutz last week. He's really passionate about Autism and his team is doing great work on the app. It's an awesome note-taking app that helps you understand your child's behaviors, activities... and then organize treatment.
@erictwillis Thanks Eric! Really great meeting you. So many families out there (similar to mine) need extra support & we appreciate your help in letting them know about Birdhouse.
Would love to answer any questions! We thought up Birdhouse to solve a need in our own home-- that of organizing important health info like meds and symptoms, discovering behavioral insights, & coordinating it amongst a team of therapists, teachers, etc for our daughter, who has Autism-- and built it to help families around the world. Autism affects 1 in 68 people (a rapidly rising number) and it is unfortunately very poorly understood. Families like mine need all the support we can get.
@benchutz This is a smart, wonderful idea. Will pass on to my family member who has a child with autism.
@amritachandra Thank you so much Amrita :-)
@benchutz Are you seeing some success with families converting from the free to the premium version?
@erictwillis So far we've seen 1 in 3 active users upgrade to Birdhouse Premium. We modeled it similarly to Spotify actually (sans ads), where a free membership provides you one core mobile feature-- the ability to post new activities from phone to your Birdhouse-- and Premium brings nearly all the web features into the phone app. But as we build new features, more and more Premium stuff makes its way to the free version.
@benchutz That's awesome.
Your team has done a nice job with the onboarding process as well.
@erictwillis Thank you. It's a work in progress and something we do give a lot of thought to. Thanks for taking the time to step through it.