Bird Cards

Send real postcards from your own photos πŸ“¬

With Bird you can send custom postcards to a friend as simple as updating your social media status.
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We had a similar and more advanced service for that, it failed hard. No matter how much better you are, you can't compete with the prices of the Deutsche Post/DHL.
I wish you a lot of success, guys!
Thanks @marvinpoo why did your service fail, pure based on price?
@lookmomnocode They outworked us in marketing and prices. Even though we had the better reviews, on a long term basis we couldn't keep up with such a huge player, even though we had everything you needed: Sign with your finger, emojis & stickers (optional), filters (optional), high quality printing (better than Deutsche Post), but they had surely far better prices and better marketing. Unless you plan on becoming a niche product, you might have it hard in the EU market.
@marvinpoo Hmm interesting. Hard to compete with that yes! Thanks for the headsup :)
@lookmomnocode You are very welcome. :) Depending on your idea, it can work, tho. We just had to decide wether we make a premium product out of it, or just stop it. So we stopped it, as we have more projects :) But I surely wish you all the best. :)
Hola Product Hunt! πŸ™€ πŸ–ΌStory (problem) I'm Dave the developer of Bird. I created Bird because of my aunt (Truus she's 86) She has never been online and doesn't own a smartphone or computer 😲. When I moved to a different country I couldn't come by every week, like I normally did. So I started to send her pictures/updates via postcards. But all apps I tried weren't as easy as updating friends and family that do live on the internet. 🚧Solution I build an app (without code on @bubble_group) that allows you: 1. Upload a photo from any device 2. Add an address & message (max 240 characters) 3. Send the postcard πŸ‘€Plans The plan for Bird is to make it so complete as possible but keep the UX as simple as possible. Currently, I'm building an iOS & Android app so Bird is even easier to use on mobile devices. - Edit the photo you upload - Multiple photos on a grid - Mobile Apps - More options for sizes - Pre-designed cards ✨Authentic Use Bird to send postcards, as easy as you update your social media status. Update your friends and family, be authentic. β˜•οΈLike paying for a latte Send a custom postcard for the price of a latte. (€2,79) ⛡️Shipping Bird ships your postcard wherever you like. Enjoy free worldwide shipping. πŸƒEnvironment For every ten postcards, we send. We plant a new tree. 🌴 πŸ†Size The postcards are 4x6" (10x15cm) Let me know if you would like to have more options. πŸ’°Launch Discount First 50 postcards send with the discount code 'ph50' get a 2.00 Discount πŸŽ‰ Let me know if you have any questions πŸ‘
"For every ten postcards we send. We plant a new tree. 🌴" - intrigued how this works? :)
@thinkinpixels For now I’m doing this manually but I’m looking to automate this in the future πŸ‘Œ and maybe connect it to accounts so users can see how much they contribute πŸ˜‡

This product was very useful for me.


It's a great idea, good design! very useful! good luck! πŸ‘πŸ˜€


Nothing to say

I might use it next time I travel. But does it deliver to addresses in Norway?


Great idea and not too expensive!


I tried to send one postcard to an address in Norway, but after I put in the details, it kept saying "add a City to your address".

Thanks for noticing, this actually was a bug. It's fixed now :) (We also ship to Norway)