A research management platform for investors

Thanks @daveambrose We built @BipsyncApp because investors shouldn't have to choose between easy-to-use consumer productivity tools like Dropbox and Evernote or clunky-but-compliant financial software. We hope you enjoy using it and happy to answer any questions.
when you're building a product, you tend to take for granted the awesome amount of workflow tools at your disposable (i.e. Dropbox for file sharing, Slack for team communication, Github for code commits), however, now as an investor, I was *shocked* to see software and web apps that were horrendous to use (!) and made my job more difficult. that's where Bipsync comes in. we've been using the product over the last year as a core workflow tool for every step of our investment process (from finding new companies, labeling different stages of the process and keeping progress updates on all of our portfolio). they just went live today w. an open beta of their web app which is free for up to a fund of three and then paid programs for larger teams. for the PH community (and the investors who contribute each day), let's grab @dadonado for an AMA!
This is really slick. Well done.