Bioshock for iOS

The classic shooter on iPhone and iPad

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I played Bioshock on the Xbox 360 several years ago. Amazing world and fantastic narrative. I'm very skeptical how this translates to mobile though. What do you think, @eric_seufert?
@rrhoover I can't imagine it working on iPhone. I'll wait until I've played it on tablet before passing judgment but IMO I don't think FPS is a good fit for mobile at all.
Will not work on anything older than about a year and a half. Also, can't imagine that the controls will be nearly as intuitive, but I'll reserve judgement for those who actually purchase the game. It feels like the type of people that would purchase this game have already played it, but I could be wrong.
@jscheel Yeah, I agree
A bit steep at $14.99 but Bioshock is one of the most innovative shooters ever made.