Yet another link tool? Yeah.. But better, and totally free!

#1 Product of the DayDecember 08, 2019
BioLinky, a free tool to add all your links in one place, and have one url to share. It's not a new concept, but our version has all the 'pro' features for free, such as built-in analytics, link thumbnails, social media sharing etc.. Also, It has killer SEO.
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Always thought the space of BioLink apps could be done better and is still wide open for the taking. Like the tool - ever considered white labeling or offering customization for the likes of brands?
@tweethanframe > Always thought the space of BioLink apps could be done better and is still wide open for the taking. since there are so many professional options out there, what do you think is missing that makes it wide open for the taking?
@thesoupmeat A variety of options doesn't necessarily signify that there is a true ubiquitous category king in the space - nor does it mean those options offer a user experience that goes beyond the mere 'utility' factor of a bio link app, but rather one that also creates a delightful experience that is cohesive with the level of branding and creativity people are investing in their social profiles. @biolinky
My team and I are marketing lovers, we just love these things. We're so proud to announce our first social media tool. We think you'll love it. Also, early birds get a free Early Bird blue badge!
@sander_belaen just set mine up! Love it, got my pixel and GA attached also. QQ, what is the ideal dimensions for the tile images?
@sander_belaen @tomcosman @toniurrutia @rolodexter I’m not sure I understand how you see that? You mean the page owner scans a qr code to add that qrcodes link to its page? Or the page visitor can scan the links of the page owner to visit them?
@sander_belaen Great Good work. For the first version very interesting. Take a look at the design of, and the features of
Irrelevant to the product itself but I really enjoyed the tab desciption shift from a generic "Biolinky" one to "(1) We miss you, come back" when you move away from the tab.
The Design is INSANELY good, love the idea keep up the good work.👍🏼
Can’t seem to register. Keep getting a fatal error Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method UserDAO::insertBadge() in /home/admin/domains/ Stack trace: #0 /home/admin/domains/ UsersController->handleRegister() #1 /home/admin/domains/ UsersController->register() #2 /home/admin/domains/ Controller->filter() #3 {main} thrown in /home/admin/domains/ on line 194
@alykhan Thank you for bringing us notice! It should be fixed right now!