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Love biographies! Looking forward to see which will be next in my inbox! :)
@kristapslazda thanks! what kinds of people are you looking forward to reading about? Always looking for suggestions on this front.
@anaskar Hmmm, I think that probably anyone I can think of is already on the list of yours :) but I'd be really interested to read biographies of modern time presidents of different countries which are making most impact in the world.
sounds cool
whoa, this is kind of random. didn't expect to see this while I was scrolling through PH this AM. I created this over this past weekend while on a long flight to a friend's wedding. I have no python knowledge whatsoever so this is just a static HTML/CSS page. I love biographies and learning and I overshare obsessively with my friends so I decided to create this instead. Also, Here is today's archive if you want to see the one that just went out:
@anaskar Love this approach!. Waiting to receive my first biography. I love the biographies of entrepreneurs specifically in technology. !!!