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Hey all! I'm Adam, co-founder and CEO at Binpress. If you have any feedback or questions – just ask and I'll make sure to answer them in a timely manner :) To give some background, we’ve just launched a new product based on what we’ve learned from four years of building a marketplace for open source and commercial code. Our new product is a complete solution for selling digital products online. For some further reading - you can see our TC coverage here:
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Why should I choose this over something like, say, Gumroad? :)
@darrenux Hey Darren, That's a great question. Gumroad is great for simple use cases, for example you're selling an ebook and you want to collect payment for it. Binpress offer a more complete solution in case you're managing a business around your digital products (at this stage we support software but more digital product type are coming in the future). This is a list of some of the feature our platform offers: - An online storefront with different templates tailored around your product types (mobile app, desktop software and games*). You can brand your storefront and use custom domains. - A private area for your customers to manage their transactions, upgrade between different license tiers and receive support from the publisher. - Package management and versioning with product updates and client notifications. - License provisioning, verification, renewals* with support for different license tiers. (We have a license wizard that can generate licenses for your different tiers) - Marketing tools, analytics features and additional distribution channels such as publishing on our marketplace. I think Thomas summed it pretty well "Binpress is like Gumroad on steroids" :) - Happy to provide you with more information if you'd like (you can reply here and I'll check later or email me directly at *We're launching this really really soon.
This looks great, seems to be a lot going on in this space but seems the software side is the real difference in this one.
@robertwilliger Robert - you are completely right - this is a very interesting and busy space because there is demand. Software is where we have an advantage right now since we've been operating our marketplace for 4 years and have used and improved many of the features we launched last week with our publishers. We are however planning on moving into new digital product types in the future.
Sounds like a great and logical extension to your model. I am sure you and Eran would make it successful too. All the best!
@_techceo Thanks Rohit :)
Great job. What type of digital products is this intended for? What's the main difference between this and Gumroad?
@benln Hey Ben - thanks for stopping by! Right now we're servicing all type of software (source code or end user) and adding more type soon (ebook, design assets etc..). The biggest difference is that we offer a complete solution for managing your business around selling digital goods - our platform offers: - A complete online storefront - License generation and provision with support for multiple pricing - Package management and versioning (with product updates and client notifications) - A private client area for managing purchases and technical support. - Additional marketing and distribution channels, including publishing on our marketplace which we've been running for over 4 years. All of these features are tightly integrated together and make it easy to not only sell your digital products to your customers, but also support them post-sale. Hope that answered your questions!