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Hey all! We're very excited to see that @davidspinks submitted our product to PH. I'm the CEO and co-founder @ Binpress and I'll be available during the day to answer any questions you may have. AMA :D
@adambn Hey Adam - fellow 500 founder here :) a few q's 1) can you walk through any pivots you had and why you made them? 2) how are you going about user acquisition?
Hey @eriktorenberg - good questions! Over the course of running Binpress we've changed our focus at the beginning, I wouldn't call that a pivot but it was definitely a big (and needed change) that was the result of talking to customers and digging into lot of data. We're running lot of experiments and they affect our product on a daily and weekly, so our product has changed and matured a lot since we launched. Right after launching Binpress, we ran a big contest to seed the marketplace (that could be a more detailed answer to another Q - so ask me about that!) and lot of the components that were submitted to Binpress were in the $5-$25 range. We quickly realized that this price range attract the wrong kind of customers, there's a correlation between how much you've invested in purchasing a license and how demanding you are in term of support. Today we have many components with licenses that are priced between $99-$6000. We also noticed end of last year that many customers would purchase a license and then go to Elance or oDesk to hire a developer to make customizations or build a whole application on top of the purchased component. In some case some customers didn't purchase a license because they were not sure if the customizations they wanted done were possible. So early this year we added the ability for customers to request a quote from the author of a component for a customization or even a full app development. Now customers can request a quote for a project, fund an escrow account once the project is priced by the developer and then discuss the project details, share specs, wires etc.. in a private discussion board. We're working on adding integrators for components, so customers won't have to rely solely on the author of the project for developments needs. It is also the best way to allow commiters of a popular open source project on github to monetize their expertise by becoming an integrator for that project on binpress. If you ever need help with developing a mobile app - you can visit this landing page: Another result of listening to our customers was the understanding we needed to launch a digital fulfillment platform. After talking to a lot of our publishers, we noticed that many of them would sell their software on their site as well but the overhead there was too much of a pain. Setting up a payment page, managing the customer base that purchased different licenses, setting a newsletter for sending updates to these different groups, having an issue tracker and tying everything up with the various API meant that our publishers were spending MORE time managing the lifecycle of their products rather than improving them. We decided to launch a digital fulfillment platform that solve that pain, a 5 minute integration allow you to setup a co-branded payment page, issue tracker, license management and many other features we offer at binpress ON your site. That service is still in beta but if someone in the PH's crowd want to use it - please ping me at and I'll walk you through the product and even help you implement it with your site. Regarding your second question - user acquisition is a pretty big topic and this comment is already wayyyy too long :) but I'll try to answer it. It's important to note that we have 2 side to this marketplace. The publishers and the customers. Publishers are developers or development shops while customers are developers, project/product managers or someone who's not technical but wants to launch a product. We have several channels (I'm probably forgetting a few). For our publishers: Outreach to developers on github and other communities, word of mouth, organic traffic, content marketing (podcast, blog posts, etc..). For our customers: Organic traffic, affiliates, advertising, content marketing (podcast, blog posts, tutorials), publisher answering questions on Stackoverflow etc.. I can expand on one of the channel if anyone want.
One of my favorite companies out of 500 Startups Batch 6. They've added a premium layer to provide more support, resources and cuxtomer service to the exchange of open-Source code, scripts, components, SDKs and libraries for iOS, Android, PHP, Javascript and more.
This is really cool. It's one of those sorts of things I had always wished existed. I especially like that there's a proposals area and the strong community aspects of the site.
@neilrichler Thanks for the kind words!