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Thanks for hunting us, Brad, and hello Product Hunt! We built Binocs to make finding the files, attachments, and conversations you're looking for faster and easier than ever. Binocs lets you connect your Gmail, Dropbox, Drive and other cloud accounts to create your own personal search engine. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, Binocs becomes a productivity tool, putting a whole batch of common next steps right at your fingertips. You can open the file, copy the Share Link, go to the original email, show the file in Finder, all kinds of great stuff to help you work faster and smarter. We basically want your coworkers to think you’re some kind of hyper-efficient superhuman with a steel-trap memory. We also give you the ability to create your own Channels. Channels are saved searches that allow you to stay current on important topics across all of your cloud services. If there are specific projects you're tracking, you can create a Channel to notify you whenever a file changes or a conversation mentioning that topic happens anywhere in Gmail, Dropbox, etc. It doesn't matter if a team member made the change – you'll never miss it. Ok, PH. Take a look and let us know what you think!
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@brhea At Vaultedge we are building a similar product and currently in private beta. All the best for your launch.
@sasajeev Thanks, Sajeev! Good luck to you and Vaultedge as well!
"Your workflow is about to get a serious boost! Binocs is your personal search engine for all your cloud accounts." Good GIF from @getbinocs 😎
@nivo0o0 Thanks Niv. Coming from a professional GIF-maker such as yourself, that's high praise 😉
Reminds me of Greplin, which I'm sad shut down years ago. I use so many services, and having something that searches across all of them is so variable. Really excited for this!
@gkoberger Thanks Gregory, we're excited too! Looking forward to getting the beta in your hands soon and making your life easier!
@brhea Make sure you have an API, if possible! That way anyone can create "connectors" to push data into Binocs, since it'd suck to have missing files :)
@bhas looks great. Does it work with multiple gmail accounts?
@jmacias Thanks Jaime! Definitely. We've all got several accounts to keep up with and that's one of the most common ways to lose a thread or attachment, so we wanted to be sure to support multiple accounts from the start.
Great idea for a product, excited to test it out
Thanks, Sam! We're excited too and appreciate the support!