A fake social media app that's better than the real thing

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Dan Kurtz
@incidentist · Engineer @ Beyond12, creator of Binky
Hi folks! Binky is an infinite list of random things to look at. Scroll through the stuff when you want something to scroll through. It sounds dumb, but it's just as compelling as real social media apps, and way less stressful. Use it as a replacement for: * Scrolling through awful news on Twitter * Scrolling past people who are happier than you on Facebook… See more
Adam Kelly
Given the title, I think that this would be a good tool to introduce safe social media practices to younger kids
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Saw this in The Atlantic. Ridiculous. 😂
Rick van Haasteren
@rickhaasteren · Siteguru
This is awesome:-) Really like the comment typing. Just curious: how much time did you guys spend building this? That's it for now, I've got more scrolling to do.
@ronsheridan · co-founder, Pree.it
Where did my afternoon go? Yet I feel so completely blissful.