A fake social media app that's better than the real thing

Binky is an infinite feed of random things ("binks") to look at. What will come up next? Cauliflower? Diana Ross? Keep scrolling to find out! It's a social media playground where you can Like, Comment, Re-Bink (whatever that means) and swipe left or right. Everything's private and consequence-free, the way apps should be.

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Hi folks! Binky is an infinite list of random things to look at. Scroll through the stuff when you want something to scroll through. It sounds dumb, but it's just as compelling as real social media apps, and way less stressful. Use it as a replacement for: * Scrolling through awful news on Twitter * Scrolling past people who are happier than you on Facebook * Swiping through your pages of apps, and then swiping back again, and then putting your phone away * Staring at your phone without turning the screen on * Staring out a window and wishing it were a screen * And more! In addition to a Like button and left/right swiping, Binky includes an innovative anxiety-free commenting system. Just mash the keyboard, and Binky will write a comment for you. So easy! I hope you enjoy it.
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Given the title, I think that this would be a good tool to introduce safe social media practices to younger kids
Saw this in The Atlantic. Ridiculous. πŸ˜‚
This is awesome:-) Really like the comment typing. Just curious: how much time did you guys spend building this? That's it for now, I've got more scrolling to do.
@rickhaasteren It was about a year and a half from conception to shipping, but that was VERY part-time. It would probably add up to about 3 months of full-time work, and a big chunk of that was curating the bink list and finding images. The code is not complicated, as you can imagine, but I was learning iOS/Swift as I went along, so that made it take longer. Happy Scrolling!
@incidentist definitely worth it! Makes me realize again what a time waster Social media is.
@rickhaasteren "Thanks!", he commented after upvoting another comment.
Where did my afternoon go? Yet I feel so completely blissful.