App for sharing the entire experience of music and art

Colour your music!

An app called Bindtape lets you share the entire experience of music and art. Express the mood of the moment through image, text, playlist and colour. Create your unique synesthetic feed.

Explore playlists organised by colour and mood.

An app is FREE, but you need an Apple Music subscription to listen music inside the app.


Pavel Sol


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Abadesi@abadesi · 👩🏽‍💻 Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
Thanks for hunting, how does the app actually work in terms of turning music into sound? @fedorguryanov @elenapozdnyakova
Fedor Guryanov
Fedor GuryanovMaker@fedorguryanov · Software Developer
@abadesi Hi! Thank you for your interest! Bindtape connects to the streaming services the user is subscribed to. And the app extracts songs from these services legally. We do not store songs on our servers. We store only the id and the metadata for each song in post. Currently Bindtape is integrated with Apple Music. And we plan to integrate it with Spotify, Deezer and others. And we have a solution for matching songs from different streaming services. We want to build a platform where streaming services users can exchange their music experience.
Елена Позднякова
Елена ПоздняковаMaker@elenapozdnyakova · Bindtape, creative director
Hi! We are happy to present you Bindtape, an app that allows to share your musical impressions. Bindtape connects to your Apple Music account and lets you share your playlists beautifully. Add a photograph of your surroundings or a short caption - and here it is, your mood of the moment, shared with all of your friends instantly. We want to connect all of the users of all streaming services available out there, so we plan to add Spotify, Deezer etc soon. With Bindtape it doesn't matter what subscription you have, you can play any song you like, thanks to our metadata collection that will match the songs from different databases for you, in the matter of seconds. Our big plan for the future is adding an Android app, so that our audience grows. What about dutifully tagging multiple genres to make your posts searchable? We have a far better solution. Every post in Bindtape has a coloured background. You pick any colour you wish, the one that you associate with your mood or with specific music style. Our Explore algorithms connect background colour to the metadata of the songs you have chosen. You can then search for new playlists by colour and discover a beautiful feed of similarly hued posts corresponding to your mood or personal style. Colour is emotional, music is emotional. Bindtape lets you share your impressions and emotions in style, quickly and comfortably. We're eager to hear any feedback, so don't hesitate to contact us in comments, via email or our website. Bindtape team.