Evernote meets Tinder - Swipe and remember notebook

I am really excited to have Bindly in Product Hunt! Bindly is a notebook app like Evernote. But you don’t have to type text. You can if you want to, but it is not necessary. You just need to take photo/video or connect to social media and calendars. Swipe captured moments as you do with Tinder. I am happy to answer any questions you have with Bindly :) Please also read my blog post about Bindly explaining how it works.
@kzynakamura looks cool. Good do an is version?
@andym_dc Thank you! This is the first mobile app I made. Hope I have enough traction to continue on other platform and versions :)
@kzynakamura sorry for the typos, but yeah thus would be cool on ios. Also, congrats on your first app!
Great product @kzynakamura, looking forward seeing the IOS version ;)
@stefantan I am overwhelmed by the demand for iOS version 😆