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For all of you old hunters: So far the closest thing to that old school community feel that IRC and AOL chatrooms had.
@carlobff thanks Carlo! That "feel" is what I really wanted from the experience, where you felt like you were in a space with people and not just shouting at them. Awesome to hear we're getting there!
I love the ability to create and join chats with nothing more than a hashtag. Also GIF and in-line image search is awesome.
Bindle has changed a lot since their V1 post on PH. I always chuckle at "X for Y" taglines, but this one actually pretty apt when you dive in. Normally in messaging apps, the "first class feature" is 1-1 chats. In Bindle, it's groups. Bindle, like Slack, is about what happens when you focus everything on how to make groups awesome. In Slack it's about your org and integrations to GSD; in Bindle, it's a more fluid social groupings, and integrations focus more on connection/self-expression. @ChrisToy can probably do a better job explaining than I can. Will hit him up to answer questions for people. I love hearing him talk about the "future of messaging" as he sees it. Chris, how did the Bindle team get the idea for this iteration, and where do you see messaging going in the future?
@staringispolite thanks Jon! You've actually summed up Bindle pretty damn well. To answer your questions... we build this iteration through a lot of product testing and market learning to zero on in making group comm more natural and efficient. Consumer is a pretty different beast to enterprise as you'd expect, let alone mobile-first. An example is our Whisper feature, which lets you private message people inline to the group chat instead of starting the new one or even changing apps entirely. Removing that barrier has been a huge hit, and users tell us it's led to better and more frequent communication amongst their group. That's amazing for us to hear. As for the future of messaging: The "networked" era means we have huge numbers of connections across multiple platforms, but those platforms have become media publishers. When people say messaging is "next", I think they're saying efficient communication with people is "next", and I agree. We've already seen Bindle used beyond just small groups of friends, and also connecting extended families, entire sororities, co-working spaces, small towns or neighborhoods/apartment buildings. Even a pastor with his congregation! It's been really exciting.
I've been using Bindle for a couple months now. The Whisper feature (in-line private chat) rocks.
@jmrushworth /whisper thanks John!
I've been using Bindle chat for a few months now and it has grown on me. At first, I was skeptical coming from the MessageMe team and seeing first-hand what it's like to be in the space even with a high-quality app like MM. Who misses sending Doodles to friends in MM? @ChrisToy and the Bindle team have hyper-focused on the dynamics of group chat and continue to innovate there. The feel of a Bindle group chat is pleasantly novel, they're building a new model of communication for groups and I look forward to where they're going. I predict that '/r/whisperfails' will be a thing.
@ChrisToy @estrada_joseph God, those doodle wars. #RIPMessageMe MessageMe nailed self-expression more than any other messaging app IMO. You guys really nailed that aspect.