An open-source app for managing keymaps in popular editors πŸ–₯

bindings. is a simple web application I wrote with ReactJS.

It allows you to import, change or export keymap bindings in popular editors as Atom, Sublime Text, vim and other.

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Vlad Timofeev
Vlad TimofeevMaker@teemofeev Β· In adventure of C++, Haskell and tech
Hello everyone! πŸ™ƒ I just made this simple, open source ReactJS application for managing my keymaps for several editors, hosted on Github pages. You can load keybindings, search, filter, edit and convert them to another format. It allows you to import, search, edit or export keymap bindings for popular editors as Atom, Sublime Text, vim and other. The basic usage scenario is: import keymap file from csv/json key-value file, look at key bindings, edit something and convert it to other representation (atom/vim/sublime or alias) You can find helpful information in footer of website or on Github repository Feel free to fork or contribute code on Github! πŸ™ƒ