One swipe to let your other half know it's over.

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This seems like a terrible way to treat another person... at least displays a lack of courage...
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This is disgusting. Be a human being and do it in person.
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So brilliant. I really do worry for those who don't realise this is satire :)
@marty There's an app and it does what it says it would. It calls someone up with a message about how/why they're dumped. So someone thought this 'satire' all the way through with no thought (or care) that people might download the app and use it like this. Or it was just a ploy to get attention for an app development company. Either way, it casts a pretty bad light on the people behind it. And, frankly, on the people willing to endorse it on Product Hunt with an upvote.
@joostschuur That's a fair point. Though is it wrong to create such? For instance. Binder COULD be used to actually break up with your significant other. Or, it could be used for a joke between a couple.
@grantmac_ Well, there's a difference between wrong and in poor taste. Is this what I'd want to be known for? Certainly not. Would I work with or hire someone who thought this was a good contribution to the world? Certainly not. The fact that there's marginal valid uses for this doesn't make up for the fact that my first impression was that it was a sleazy app, that, at best was a cheap attention grab.
@joostschuur while I like satire and humor, I don't see this being either. Agree w you.
Haha just enter their name and number and binder will txt & call them letting them know it's over! Seems so wrong, but brilliant! 😆 I'm surprised this hasn't been made sooner.
@tycrollins I agree... I'm surprised nobody came up with that idea first... There are gonna be some prank callers i guess :)
Well, this is brutal