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Hey PH’ers! My name is Nathan Lands. I’m the Co-founder and CEO of Binded. We started Binded because no one has built modern tools to make copyright useful on the web. As jobs change with the rise of automation, it will be even more important that people can earn a living from their creativity. Our goal is to make copyright, something that is complicated, simple. First, we made it simple for creators to register their copyrights on the bitcoin blockchain. Creators on our platform have registered over 300,000 copyrights since our launch in May. But, for now there isn’t much legal precedent for the blockchain to hold up in court. So, we decided to embrace the existing system and attempt to make it simple to also register with the USCO. I’m excited to announce that after months of hard work, we were able to pull it off. We’ve created the fastest way to register copyrights with the USCO. It turned out better than we hoped. Here’s how it works: 1. Upload the images you want to copyright. Checkmark “Register with the U.S. Copyright Office”. 2. Pay the Copyright Office’s registration fee. $35 for a single image, $55 for multiple. 3. And… that’s it! We’ll send you a receipt and register your copyright as soon as possible. Once received, you’ll get a confirmation record and be able to check your application status. Here’s some recent press about the feature: * * * Hope you’ll try out Binded and let us know what you think! We’re just getting started. Next, we’re going to make it simple to monitor how your images are being used and take action. P.S. Binded was previously #2 on Product Hunt when we launched in May. See: -Nathan
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@nathan_lands Hi Nathan - what are the main updates since your initial launch 3 months ago?
@ems_hodge Hi Emily, this is a major feature release, U.S. Copyright Registrations. Before we had blockchain registrations only. Now we give users the option to register with the U.S. Government. I think the "2.0" is a bit confusing, because this is the release of our "one click copyright" feature. Not a 2nd version of it.
@nathan_lands This is really great. Over at Priime, we have been thinking of simplifying the USCO process for photographers as well, but glad you guys implemented it (and well it seems!). Not to take away from what you've done, but there's still a huge problem of monitoring and enforcement. The way things work these days, it seems to be really catered to the big companies that have in-house legal counsel that are full-time fighting copyright infringement (like Disney for example). It's really not setup for individuals who are either just starting out or individuals with a booming business but little in resources to battle infringement. It just seems impractical for someone like myself to fight anything beyond the glory of it all. How do you think you'll take on that task? I'm guessing indexing major publishing platforms and monitoring every image, using some kind of hashing / cv to match with your database? Employing templates for legal action, and ultimately settling in court if needed?
Rookie question, why would someone need to register the copyright on their image?
@joshdance I'm wondering this as well. I thought (at least in Canada) that copyright was granted essentially automatically when you create something, whether that is text or image. What additional protection does this provide you?
@joshdance @joshuapinter In the United States, you are limited to the amount you are allowed to sue for without having your image registered with the copyright office. It's a difference of having a limit of $10k/not being able to collect lawyer's fees and having a limit of $200k/being able to collect lawyer's fees.
@joshdance @thechaz Copy that! Thanks for the clarification.
Great Idea 💡
The app looks great, and Trademarks would be helpful here too
This is going to be game-changing for me. Nice job, guys.