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Hey PH’ers! My name is Nathan Lands. I'm the Co-founder and CEO of Binded. We just launched yesterday. Excited to be sharing with you all what we've built and to get your feedback! We started Binded because no one has built modern tools to make copyright useful on the web. As the job landscape changes with the rise of automation, it will be even more important that people can earn a living from their creativity. Binded is a technology platform making copyright simple. Digital photographers and artists use it to protect their work, for free. How Binded Works: 1. Upload images to your private copyright vault from your computer, phone or integrations like Instagram. 2. For every image in your copyright vault, we create a unique fingerprint saved permanently to the bitcoin blockchain. 3. We give you a copyright certificate as proof which can help protect you against copyright infringement. 4. Using our fraud detection technology we look for potential copyright infringements on the web and show you on your dashboard. Here's some recent press about us: * * * Hope you'll try out Binded and let us know what you think! We have big ambitions for the future of copyright, we're just getting started. :) P.S. Binded was formerly known as Blockai. See: -Nathan
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@nathan_lands I'm an active user of blockai, love the product. Congrats on the revamp and the launch of Binded. You guys are making copyright simple for everyone, also love the work you guys are doing using the blockchain :) Kudos to you and the team.
@findabhilash @nathan_lands Hey Abhilash! Thanks so much for your support! We've been working super hard to improve the product. Even though we still have a ways to go, we're deeply excited about this new direction and our future plans. Keep on rocking!
@nathan_lands Great product Nathan! Any plans to issue certificates to other properties beside images? I am assuming that would be much more complex?
@jitsalunke hey Jit, thank you! We have lots of plans. :)
@nathan_lands any public roadmap and any plans for API access? :)
Watermarking proprietary images is a good idea, and Binded makes it really simple. The method they chose is really secure as well.
@marymin Thanks for the kind words!
There is a small bug. You should fix it. The website landing page (after sign up) is not adjustable to all screen sizes, so it doesn't show the "start" button. I have a question, how do you determine if an image was made by the individual who is uploading it to your website (so if someone has uploaded an image which doesn't belong to him, will your software be able to rectify the date?) Your website is not the authority of copyrights, is it? It then raise a handful of questions to determine the significance of Binded. The product as of idea is exciting. Cheers!
@mrwullah Hey Wasim! I wasn't able to replicate that issue, would you mind sending a screenshot to or tweeting us @binded? To answer question, uploading images that aren't yours directly violates our Terms of Service agreement. Additionally, since records are created on the blockchain, they're permanent and cannot be changed. So instead of modifying a bad claim, we keep them as evidence of fraud. So for example, if someone else uploads one of your images, we will have a permanent record of their fraudulent claim. You can then use this to take further actions. We are also working on a system that will automatically detect whether a user who uploads an image actually created it. Regarding your last question, we are working on ways to connect with existing government systems. We believe the ideal copyright system should harness the power of recent advancements in artificial intelligence and cryptography. By building that system, we think Binded will become the global authority for copyright claims.
haven't used this yet, but plan to. Great way to solve a major, widespread problem!
@gamebiz thanks Scott! :)
Great stuff!! Looking forward to trying Binded. Is there any walk through videos of it concept ? Thanks 😊
@ayush_chandra After you create an account, you will see an on-boarding tutorial that will introduce you to our features. A demo video is a great idea too, we can definitely look into that. Also, if you have any questions or feedback you can send us an email at We are always looking for ways to make the site easier to use.