Binary Search

Master coding and algorithms together.

Binary Search is a free site where you can work on coding and algorithms problems together with others. Learning algorithms is more fun and engaging when you learn from each other!
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Hey everyone! I’ve found that learning algorithms is more engaging when solving them with other people. So, I’ve built a site to help people learn algorithms and data structures together! I’ve worked on it with a friend for a few months and would love your feedback. On, you can create or join a room with others and work on the same coding problem together. You can choose to compete to finish the problem first, or solve them together and help each other out. We support 7 languages including Python, Java, C++, and JavaScript! Working with friends (or strangers!) makes for a much more engaging atmosphere, and we’ve actually built a small community of coders who love to help each other out! Check it out at — I’ll be hanging out in some of the rooms. Let me know if you have any feedback or run into any issues. Hope to see you around!
Nicee! Looks very useful! I can't wait when I try it :) Congratulations!
@peteliev Thanks Yevhenii, see you on the site!
Love this concept! Thanks for sharing.
@donaldkoo Thanks Donald!
Like the concept of chat rooms. I think a github login would be better.
@narendiran_dorairaj Thanks -- great suggestion!
Awesome idea, maybe you can consider organizing a coding challenges in team. Hackhatons maybe