Automated software renewal reminders for your team

#5 Product of the DayJuly 04, 2019
Automated software renewal reminders to be sure your team is getting value from recurring bills. Before each service renews, Billisimo asks each team member if they're still using each service. Keep the subscriptions your team loves, nuke the rest.
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6 Reviews5.0/5
Good idea, but: a) super-expensive for limited functionality; b) no multi currency support; c) no way to import additional columns from excel (like category or payment method) d) few bugs, items can't be saved.
@reinisr Thanks, Working on more automated ways to get subscriptions in. The bugs, we are noticing. C and D has been fixed. Multi currency is on our roadmap should be added soon. Awesome feedback
@reinisr We made some improvements to the pricing you can check it out
Hi Guys, I'm Dante, Founder of Billisimo We started Billisimo to help get teams and companies manage their subscriptions and expenses a lot better. Yes, to grow your business, you have to spend money on recurring expenses but you don't have to spend what you don't need to. Businesses need to stay in control of what they spend. That's where Billisimo comes in. Billisimo is software renewal reminders for your team, will help you to plan better, save better and reinvest better. Make sure your team is still getting the value you signed up for from your most expensive recurring subscriptions. How do we do this? Try out Billisimo and see for yourself. I hope you come to love it as much as i do.

I participated in the beta for this, and was impressed with Billisimo. I have tried other subscription management tools, but this one just looked and felt lighter and easier than the others. Maybe it is the design, maybe it is that it does just a few things really well - it just somehow seems to come together really nicely. And, it is geared towards not just managing subs, but providing data in future iterations.


Excellent way to keep track of subscriptions.


None I can think of.

Congrats on the launch! Looks great. 🙌
All the best. Love the interface and simplicity to get things in check!
@eekayonline Thanks. Hope you use it 😬