Billion Songs

Infinite song lyrics with deep learning

#3 Product of the DayMay 26, 2019
Billions Songs is a neural network trained on English articles, and fine-tuned on songs takes an attempt to write song lyrics. It can generate millions of texts. Some of them are repetitive or cheesy, but there are true gems too.
  • Diego Araos
    Diego AraosFounder of

    The ultimate Infinite inspiration tool for musicians


    Not really a con, but would be great if in the future you could add theme/categories of lyrics you want to create

    Needs better UI and I can see this to be used as a paid SaaS tool with some lyric customization options

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  • Max Solovev
    Max SolovevLooking for ideas

    Can a robot write a symphony?) Some people have written worse lyrics.


    Art is more complicated than lyrics


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This is one of the coolest simple apps I've seen in a long time, and also as musician a great way to find inspiration, great work and thanks for sharing! I want to ask the maker @lost three questions: can you explain a bit more how it works? Does it get lyrics from sources like Genius and then uses the AI to learn how to mix it? How likely is it that it creates copyrighted material?
@daraosn it is a neural network, that writes the song word by word. It was trained on a ~500 000 songs. Very rarely it reproduces lines or entire verses verbatim, so if the verse seems unbelievably good to you, you should google for it. But in most of the cases the generated lyrics is a completely unique independent work.
@daraosn if you are interested in this kind of things, I described the majority of technical details in this article:
Now we just need a robot that sings it perfectly in any voice and I can stop paying $500+ to singers when I want original vocals 😂