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I wanted to write this book because there was nothing like it on the market. Its an in depth view of the 12 billion dollar app first companies - along with my experience at HAILO. It's received great feedback from the likes of Riccardo Zacconi, the Founder / CEO of King (Candy Crush creator) and the former VP Product Management Android, Hugo Barra. Lots of reviews on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1ruUNhU
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@georgeberkowski thanks George, some impressive testimonials. I'll add it to my cue, starting @rrhoover's book this weekend.
Hey @georgeberkowski - give us the DL... what was most surprising thing you found when writing the book? what's NOT in the book that you would have loved to implement? what's something you'll tell us that's not on a PR blurb anywhere else? :)
@eriktorenberg you know what - the most amazing discovery was that pretty much no one got it right first time and almost gave up. Persistence and luck is key.
@georgeberkowski do you have the list of 12 apps?
@georgeberkowski Great book and awesome topic. I started to read it this weekend. As an app builder, I have been looking for this kind of book for a while.