BillGuard - Android

Money Tracking & Protection - Exclusive for ProductHunters

Dear Product Hunters, I wanted to try something new today: share an exclusive alpha access exclusively to this community. This is the alpha version of the all-new BillGuard we're about to launch on Android - the culmination of many lessons learned after topping over half a millions downloads in the first 6 months on iPhone. The app sports a unified, snapshot view of your spending, focusing you on what you need to track to always stay on top. Needless to say, we would love your feedback!
Thanks for showing our Android product hunters some love, @raphaelouzan and team. :) ~90% of the mobile apps posted on Product Hunt are iOS only. Is the Android app any different from your iOS app?
It is! We've actually redesigned the app from the ground up specifically for Android. The most drastic change is the financial dashboard which was inspired by quantified self trackers like Nike Fuel. We realized there was no reason personal finance should be boring and worked to bring the most relevant information in an smart and appealing way. We believe this will increase even further the habit creating flow of tracking your spending with BillGuard. It was challenge getting to that level of design and smooth animation on Android but we benefit from the faster release cycles to play with more audacious features.
The UI looks really nice! Good luck with the launch :)