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The best way to pay and manage all your bills in an app

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Mike Williams
Building Marketplaces
I've been using BillGO for some time now and it's made splitting bills with my roommate and friends super easy. They just relaunched the app (I'm digging the new design) and it has an interesting spin on gamification/rewards for paying your bills within the app. Not to mention, the founders and team are incredible!
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Dan Holt
CEO BillHero
Hello Product Hunters and thanks to @yoroomie once again! We were hunted a while back as BillHero and we are excited to now announce our new name and relaunch today as the BillGO App. We first started with the vision of creating an app that Cuts the BillS#!T! With BillGO you can pay and mange every bill, even rent from one app. Over the course of a few months we had some amazing feedback from our initial product and we've made the experience even better with the release of the BillGO App. Thank you all for your amazing support and we would love to hear some feedback! It's a big day for us, but we will try our best to respond to each of you that reach out and look for more big things in the future! Dan Holt CEO and Co-Founder of BillGO
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Charley MaHead of Growth @ Ramp
@dan_holt @yoroomie congrats on the Product Hunt feature guys!!
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ArthurIT Consultant/Advisor @ 1 N Only
Can you tell me how this differs from Prism? Been using that for some time now and find it extremely convenient and haven't found it to missing much in the way of features. Thanks.