Rock your next presentation with billboard-quality slides!

Meet Billboard, a product inspired by some of best TED Talks along with many other prominent conferences and events; delivered to you in the form of a presentation template. Billboard consists of 11 content sections filled with 100 carefully-designed slides. The product comes with 4 styles: Bold, Gradient, Creative and Retro.

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Hi PH people! It's been over two years since I launched Pitch Deck Template and, finally, I'm releasing the next product. Having been a visitor to a lot of conferences in my student years, and as the Presentation Designer of a local TEDx team, I have always dreamed of creating something that would effectively equip people to deliver better presentations on-stage. I'm not talking about presentation content or speaking skills here, but rather about the slides themselves that a presenter shares with his audience on that big screen. So, I created a small experiment and launched a solo Design Sprint inspired by the popular Sprint book (Link to the book). It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed a whole week of total focus on the product. After that one-week Sprint session, I spent six more weeks further developing a highly-effective presentation tool, and finally here it is! Meet Billboard, a presentation template that will make sure you rock your next conference presentation with Billboard-Quality slides. Just a few of its awesome features: 1. The development of each slide was inspired by closely analyzing over 1,000 of the best TED Talks and many other prominent conferences and events. 2. Billboard consist of 11 content sections (such as cover, quotes, infographics, closing slides, and more), filled with 100 carefully-designed slides. 3. The template is delivered in 4 color schemes (Blue, Green, Orange and Red), also with two different background options: light and dark. There are also many essential goodies like icons (including social media thumbnails for contact reference), device mockups, and an extensive world map (which can also be broken up into individual countries). 4. The template works in PowerPoint and Keynote. 5. At the moment, Billboard comes in 4 design styles (this is something I'm very proud of): Bold, Gradient, Creative and Retro, so you can communicate with your audience in the most effective way (depending on the topic, the environment, your own style, etc). The price is $39 for a one style template, with other options for multiple styles and custom orders. I really love PH community, so here's a 30% exclusive discount for you: PH30 (valid for the next 5 days; applies for one style, all style, or custom style purchase). P.S. Your feedback on anything related to this product is very valuable to me. Please reply and let me know your thoughts!
Congrats with the launch! 🚀 Bold style looks great to me, I would definitely use it for my future presentations. 100 types of pre-designed slides! 👏🏻 The color choices are the only thing that seems not to fit my design taste 😬 but templates are fully customizable, so should work really well. Tell us how Billboard is different from the Pitch Deck templates?
@aleks_muse Thanks Aleksandra! I love Bold one too=). As for the color scheme choice - you can always customize the template with your own one (and thanks, god, they're so many great color scheme generators available online!). Regarding the difference between Pitch Deck Template and Billboard - well, those products are similar in a form (they’re both template/based), but serve different audiences as well as presenter needs. Pitch Deck designed for those who don’t know how to create a pitch deck / want to make their deck looks good without designer’s hand. Billboard template designed for public speakers who need to support their speech with some slides, but don’t know how to make those slides shine (meaning catching, readable and to the point).